Who We Are

Hive Technologies Ltd is a private Company specializing in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) established in 2013 by a team of Computer Engineering Enthusiasts. From the outset the decision was made to focus purely on the ICT innovations and since that time we have built a reputation on providing leading-edge, tailored ICT solutions for clients drawn from the expertise and field experience of our team.Our people have the knowledge,expertise and know-how that simply cannot be matched... The Company was officially registered in August 2016 and began legal business operations officially. A difference through innovation!

Our Market

Hive Supports the typical Small and Medium Enterprise company that has between 10 – 200 IT users on their network. We support most major industries as we have identified though our experience that most companies in the SME market generally has a very similar IT setup. A typical IT setup normally consists of computers, servers, a network infrastructure consisting of a router & a firewall connecting the company to the internet and also a telephony system. Hive supplies, installs, configures and supports this infrastructure and does this in a systems driven manner. IT Support is not an easy business and we say this because if you look at who we deal with on a daily basis you will understand why. The people that request IT Support from us are in a position where they cannot work, be it the CEO or an Admin person. Anyone who does not have internet access or has e-mail problems, will not be in the friendliest mood because they cannot work. Our business ensures that we implement the correct systems in order to limit these daily problems. We don’t have unhappy customers as a result.

Some awesome companies we've had the pleasure to work with